• Complimentary Winter Safety Check

    Mercedes-Benz Of Bangor Complimentary Winter SafetyCheck

    Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz for the Winter in Maine

    With colder weather ahead, we are shifting to a winter preparation mindset at Mercedes-Benz of Bangor. As a Mercedes-Benz authorized dealership with a certified service department committed to excellence, one of our many jobs is to help our customers prepare their vehicles for winter’s colder weather and slippery conditions. If you want to prepare your vehicle for the winter fully, we have several maintenance tips. We are always here to assist by providing the services recommended at certified quality, quickly, and conveniently for the best value available.

    All About Winter Preparation Maintenance

    Winter in Maine is defined by frigid temperatures with unpredictable adverse conditions, including heavy snow, wintery mix, and icy roadways that turn slushy with traffic. Not only do sub-zero temperatures cause problems with primary systems’ performances and wreak havoc on vital supporting components, but the roads will be slippery as well. To optimally prepare a vehicle for these conditions, it is an excellent decision to prepare your vehicle for the winter with a few winter readiness services.

    Winter Preparation Services

    You will notice that winter preparation takes care of vital primary systems by inspecting and servicing components essential to vehicle performance yet also experience a relatively short life due to their unique design and task at hand. When you want to get your vehicle ready for the winter, you should start here:

    • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. This is the ideal starting point for winter maintenance and provides a bumper-to-bumper assessment of all primary systems and components. Always be sure that your winter preparation efforts begin with an expert’s inspection.
    • Battery Inspection with Electrical Testing. We can inspect the battery’s physical condition and test its electrical performance to ensure it is ready for winter.
    • Tire Inspection. Ensure good traction, safety, and handling in slippery conditions with a tire inspection, including a tread depth measurement and inflation check.
    • Coolant Fluid/Antifreeze. Preventing water from freezing the engine with a coolant fluid/antifreeze inspection and exchange service if needed.
    • Heater, Defroster, and Heating Accessory Inspections. You will want to have the heater and defroster inspected to ensure peak performance and the steering wheel and seat heaters for equipped models.
    • Windshield Wiper Blades. Be sure to inspect the wiper blades and replace them if they are damaged, performing poorly, or more than one year old.
    • Winter Fit Windshield Wiper Fluid. Before winter is an excellent opportunity to replace the SummerFit wiper fluid with WinterFit’s ideal performance in sub-zero temperatures.

    Why Should I Get Service at Mercedes-Benz of Bangor?

    Because we offer certified services of the highest quality, convenience, and value for your Mercedes-Benz car or SUV, we know your vehicle professionally and understand how to provide the services needed for ultimate winter readiness. No matter if you drive a Mercedes-Benz C-Class from Bar Harbor, GLC from Augusta, GLE from Blue Hill, or Sprinter Cargo Van from Bangor, we are here to get your vehicle ready for the winter with a few primary systems’ inspections and component maintenance services for optimum cold-weather preparedness.

    It’s Your Mercedes-Benz…Service It At Mercedes-Benz of Bangor

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  • Two Years of Complimentary Charging

    When you purchase or lease an EQS

    Receive complimentary 30-minute charging per session for the first two years from Mercedes me Charge account activation.


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