2017 E-Class Sedan and Wagon

What you never imagined would be possible will soon be what you can't imagine living without.

The introduction of a new E‑Class has been sending automakers back to their drawing boards since the days of actual drawing boards. From breathtaking style to groundbreaking innovation, the 2017 E‑Class is more than just a new model. It's a role model for every car on the road.
Torque-rich turbo power. Lowered, luxurious or self leveling suspension. Nine speeds. Five drive modes, from Comfort to Sport+.
An athletic stance with elegant style. Sporty AMG® styling, or a classic grille with a stand-up Star. And a truly exquisite cabin.
Groundbreaking systems that watch the road and can see beyond your view. Active and semi-autonomous systems to assist you.
Sensuous seats that can warm you, cool you, or offer a "hot stone" massage. Sensory delights from highend audio to aromatherapy.
User-friendly innovations to keep you connected, engaged and refreshed. Intuitive controls to keep your world within reach.


A milestone is not simply a marker on a map or timeline. It's a dividing line between how things used to be, and how they will be. For decades, the debut of a brand-new E-Class has set a new expectation for what automobiles can do, from the moment it established the luxury sport sedan class, to countless innovations in every category.

The COMAND® system unifies an array of entertainment, information and comfort features that's staggering in scope, but simple to comprehend. You can use either the touchpad/ rotary controller on the console or the steering wheel's rightthumb Touch Control Button to scroll through your options on the 12.3" central screen. In addition to a new, more intuitive menu architecture, the wide display allows for split-screen presentation of the information that matters most to you. The console touchpad also accepts multi-finger gestures, like pinch-to-zoom on a map for the standard navigation. A voice control system that can learn how you talk is also standard.
Complementing the standard 12.3" central display, a second 12.3" high-resolution color screen* supplants the classic analog gauges to create a widescreen cockpit unmatched by any competitor. The fully graphical instrument display offers customizable styles, such as Classic, Sport and Progressive, with exclusive AMG® designs on the E 43. All of the themes feature crystal-clear graphics, realistically illustrated menus, and a fast refresh rate for seamless movement of indicator needles and animations. New for 2017, the sound concept expands the core beep and gong sounds to make warnings and information easier to recognize by audible categories.
The seamless fluidity of the E-Class cabin is apparent at your first glance. It's evident beneath the surface, too-something you'll appreciate as you experience its thoughtful amenities working in concert. Controls are designed to fall naturally to hand, and to reward your touch. Even the air vents, ringed in satin aluminum, adjust with a satisfying feel, gently clicking when centered. What flows from them may not be visible, but it's no less pleasing: Filters sweep away dust, pollen and odors. And the innovative Air Balance system* can ionize the air and subtly infuse it with any of five scents. It's a car for all your senses-your sense of well-being very much included.
Some two decades ago, Mercedes-Benz research revealed something that, in retrospect, is not all that surprising: Riding in a completely dark cabin increases stress and fatigue. As a result, the engineers developed the industry's first ambient cabin lighting, a soft glow cast on the footwells, console and door handles to subtly define the cabin without distraction. The new E-Class elevates this comfort innovation to a new pinnacle of style, with a network of LEDs that further outline the wavelike dash and display panel. In addition to five levels of brightness and three lighting zones, the driver can choose among 64 colors to suit your mood-or create a new one.